A Few More (Needed) Words about Believing and Living


I’m not a monkey, but “I’m A Believer.”  Was I always?  Initially, in God, unsure about Jesus, then yes, then later a doubter, living more and more in disbelief - becoming wicked - not even realizing it.


What is it like?


Well, let’s say that with those old bad beliefs, life just seems frustrating, getting worse as time goes on - but then God, via Jesus intercessory help, brought me out of the deep pit that I had dug for myself.  Now and then I dig some more of those pits, and only with help from the Lord, am I helped out.  Sometimes others may provide pits for me to step into if I am unversed in the Scriptures.  Whether it is me digging a hole for myself or other diggers digging holes, I and you and they need some help also from good Bible teachers.  Jesus was the best, and there are many well-trained and experienced teachers today.  They have helped me and can help you as well.  The joy and relief He gives each time a trial comes, when He rescues me, reminds me that God, as in Joshua 1:5 says, “I will never leave you or forsake you.”  Though my parents are no longer here, God is eternally available, as well as temporal help from well-versed, experienced and trained pastor/teachers.  If you feel lost, confused, helpless and hopeless - remember - God is there, so pray.  Perhaps immediately, or after more prayer your life will improve, not relying on yourself, but learning to trust God more and more, the more you see His work in your life.  Thank God for Jesus and the Holy Spirit and the pastor/teachers and others He provides to help us.


Now, if you are very young, you may not see or realize what God is doing in your life, yet.  He is real, WOW is He ever real, amazing and a faithful God.  Never forget that.  Patience is one key to develop the vision to see those blessings, as you go through and experience life. Read and check the Scriptures like the Bereans did to see if what you hear is true, perhaps using some trustworthy commentaries.



How can we thank such a faithful God?  We can do what we can, as He has gifted or equipped us to do, to glorify Him.  One way is to obey His Word, such as in Romans 12:21 which says “Do not become overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” A major part is as Jesus said, “repent and believe the good news! (Mark 1:15)” So when we consider our sinful nature, our sins, we realize, not so much the anger, but instead the Amazing Grace of Jesus, who dying on the cross said, “Forgive them for they know not what they do.”  How much I need that forgiveness, I can’t say, but His forgiveness is beyond what many can even ever imagine or believe.  If we aim to glorify God, and ‘give honor to whom honor is due (Romans 13:7)’ - God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, we might consider the following verse. The following verse may help anchor you and help give you some aim on how best to glorify Almighty God, as Jesus did in 2 Corinthians 3:9 which says, “If the ministry that condemns men is glorious, how much more glorious is the ministry that brings righteousness.”


It may take time to overcome the challenges you face, trust God to work on you, if you draw near to Him and yield to Him, His ‘infinite understanding’ (Psalm 147:5).  Those good pastor/teachers can bless you with trustworthy help too. Then in days, weeks or months or even years you’ll be able to overcome those challenges, so consider Jesus and the things He did, and consider John 3:16-17, 8:12.  Hopefully these words will help you and may God help you to pray, and put into practice His Word in your life and so become a blessing to those around you.  Consider the unforgettably gracious and merciful forgiveness of God as you live and realize your need should you dig a pit, or fall into one, and remember what ‘profoundly kind’ things Jesus did so we could be forgiven.


Thank God for His gracious love in the truth, for His Son Jesus, so that we too might somehow truly glorify our God, and in one or more ways bless others.