A Mess at Best


Why did the members of the Constitutional Convention choose George Washington to lead the assembly in the formation of the new nation of America?


Perhaps a major reason can be understood when you consider how importantly George Washington valued honesty, as reflected in a quote.


I hope I shall possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles, the character of an honest man. “ - George Washington (1732 - 1799)


His honesty was vital, it helped him to be prepared, and principled, and practiced in leadership.  Furthermore, having lead the revolutionary army; he had a proven track record of experience in leadership. The members of the convention were well aware of his noble character.  His daily reading and studies of the Holy Bible since his youth, introduced him to the stories of leaders like Moses, David, Solomon and Jesus and helped prepare him for leadership.  George, who likely recognized that God provided these leaders, as well as others - was devoted and perhaps truly thankful for God’s provisions of such leaders.  Being honest, esteemed - and 57 years of age, he was well seasoned in life - trusted to lead the Constitutional Convention.  Are you choosing someone to lead?  I hope you’ll consider their honesty, experience, competence and their stage of age in life studies and equipping - and last their track record of successes.


Many people today might say, “How did we get into this mess: politically, financially, as well as personally?” . . and on I might go.  Well, each of us is responsible to some degree in some way.  Some people - have had hope in the past for living in prosperous political times, consider George Washington.  Remember, he and many others were deeply and perseveringly involved in a war and in founding a nation - no easy set of tasks - tough on the heart, soul and mind.  Here’s what he said.


"Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports. In vain would that man claim the tribute of patriotism who should labor to subvert these great pillars of human happiness." - George Washington (1732-1799)


So, when you choose leaders, or candidates for office, you might look to see where they stand on religion and morality - if you want political prosperity, instead of such political adversity.  If you don’t you will likely see a mess of wickedness, oppression, injustice, chaotic challenges - and who needs all of that?. . .


We certainly need political prosperity, for one thing, we are in deep yogurt there.  But really there’s a mess of problems.  The reality is, ‘There may be one person who can solve some of the problems all of the time, and another person who can solve many of the problems some of the time, but no person who can solve all of the problems all of the time.’  Situations and circumstances in life have a way of humbling each of us.  So, if a politician seems to tell you they can solve all of your problems all of the time - and so gives you false hope - you need to ask, ‘Are they experienced and trustworthy in what they say? Can you trust them?’


How did George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and others solve the problems they had in those problematic times?  Abraham Lincoln also dealt with the issue of slavery, many major problems during the Civil War.  How did each of these leaders deal with all those issues and problems?  Simply put, ‘With God’s help.’


George Washington, read the Bible everyday, and learned to trust God.  Thomas Jefferson was considered a Bible scholar, James Madison was also biblically on sound footing, as were many others in that time. . .  Abraham Lincoln often quoted from the Bible. They believed in God’s Providence, not just by book learning, but by the many meaningful experiences and troubles in life that they found that God can and did help.


So where can our help come from?  God’s Providential keeping for those who trust in Him, who believe in Jesus and who have received the Holy Spirit - who leads us into all truth; that’s where we can find our help, and those who trust in Him.


So, try to elect leaders who have experience with the problems they intend to address and who trust in God’s help.  Who better can help?


Thank God for trustworthy leaders who are honest and honestly believe in God’s providences.