Put On Kindlings of Sweet Kindnesses


Let’s Kindlingly Patiieennttllyy Kindly Encourage


Something simple? Well, over time, the more you know, the simpler it becomes - to do? Yes that takes time - it takes diligent kindness and patience and rejoicing in the truth . . . work - a labor of love.  Yes - time, energy, affirmation and motivation (that’s TEAM work ? . . . in part - akin to Romans 8:28 . . . ?)!


Sometimes we need kind correction !

Sometimes we need patient reproval !

Sometimes - we need to be encouraged !



First, by listening (to the voices of those experienced and wise - the young too, and those in-between)- so - we can understand what the ‘need’ is.

Need Guidance?: Hey, if you want right answers (not wrong ones), let’s consider the ‘powerful’ verse about listening - below.

Š      Be quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to anger, for man’s anger does not achieve the righteousness of God. - James 1:19


Then, truthfully, we need to use wisdom, understanding --- instruction and discipline as needed.


One Proverb, Proverb 29:25 says, “The fear of man brings a snare, but he who trusts in the LORD is safe.” (NAB)  This does not say fear ‘might’ bring a snare, it says, ‘brings a snare.’


Base what you do, or don’t do, not so much on the fear of man, but trusting the LORD.  Alsoooo think on the following proverb, as a useful guide - ‘in part’ as well.


Without knowledge even zeal is not good; and he who acts hastily, blunders - Proverbs 19:2 (NAB)


If you are young, say 5, you lack knowledge, if you are 10 you might have even more knowledge, 20 more, 40 more yet, 60 more yet, 70 more yet . . . SO, it is good to listen to the wise ‘oldsters’ around you, and people of the past with knowledge, experience, wisdom.  How about Solomon or Jesus. . .?


For you youngsters, if you are anxious, or expect quick solutions to problems - that have plagued you or made you afraid, or others - consider the idea ‘hasty’ solutions are likely hazardous solutions to those problems.  Solution - Think things through, unwise people hastily seek solutions, answers - remember a bad solution can just make things worse, sometimes much worse. . . . Get advise from oldsters, wise people, experts - a spectrum of people (left, right, top, bottom, in-between) - read, learn, seek wisdom to seek a lasting solution.  “Seek first . . .”


The older you are - the more you know that these are some very, very short notes about the life-long mystery of solving some difficult problems, such as we face today.


Ask those who care for you - for help.  And if you are a caretaker, remember to listen to ‘The Voice of Truth.”


Thank God for His wisdom and understanding, His grace and mercy - and for people: such as Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon and, the imponderable grace and truth of Jesus Christ, the good news.  Let’s consider also evangelists like Billy Graham & the history, the present and the future of our humaneness, humbly, thoughtfully, sincerely . . . - consider the times as spoken of in the ‘Sacred Scriptures.’